Printing microarrays highly parallel for multiple microarray applications in research and diagnostics.
BioSpot workstations are precise liquid handling workstations for dispensing liquids in the nanoliter range.
BioFluidix provides unique customization options to adapt the system to our customers’ needs.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking for nanoliters for your scientific research or for an OEM dispenser for your production line:
The PipeJet™ P9 Nanodispenser Kit provides everything you need to get started with nanoliter-dispensing.


Nanoliter liquid handling with maximum precision and flexibility for science and industry.


Printing microarrays highly parallel for multiple microarray applications in research and diagnostics.

2015 Version of BioSpot BT 600BioSpot®

Flexible nanoliter liquid handling workstation for small to medium scale laboratory production.

Who we are and what we do...

BioFluidix GmbH is a micro technology company focused on low volume liquid handling. Our proprietary non-contact technologies are based on micro machined components providing highest quality, throughput and functionality. Our academic background from the Department of Micro Systems Engineering (IMTEK) combined with a long-standing expertise in working with liquid droplets, jets and sprays in the picoliter to nanoliter range inspired our unique product portfolio which comprises hardware and consumables as well as R&D services.

Our leading-edge printing, dispensing and coating solutions enable our customers in life-science research and industrial production to reduce volumes, increase throughput and cut costs. Being a young and innovative company we are dedicated to continuous research and development of our products and performance in order to exceed our customers’ expectations in every respect.

ISO 9001 Certification


BioFluidix has established and applies a Quality Management System for development and manufacturing of dosing technologies which has been successfully certified by TÜV SÜD according to ISO 9001 in August 2014.

Innovation is our drive


MicroJet presents BioSpot at BioJapan Show in Yokohama

MicroJet Corp., the Japanese Distributor for BioFluidix products, has introduced the BioSpot Workstation at the 16th BioJapan 2014 World Business Forum.

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The PipeJet Tip success story at MSTBW

microTEC Südwest presents the success story of the PipeJet Tip project, which was realized by BioFluidix GmbH, BRAND GMBH + CO KG and the IMTEK-University of Freiburg

PipeJet Tip Actuator on a Liquid Handling System

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