SiJet technology

Non-contact picoliter dispensing based on a integrated cartridge consumable.

Free-flying picoliter droplets

Single droplets on demand by direct volume displacement

The SiJet technology offers an accurate and reproducible dispensing solution in the picoliter range. It is based on a silicon-glass dispensing element, which integrates the dispensing chamber as well as the small orifice. The consumable dispensing cartridge combines the reservoir and the dispensing element to an integrated unit. A piezo actuated deformation of the dispensing element entails the precise and controllable ejection of droplets in the picoliter range.

Picoliters based on a consumable cartridge

The unique cartridge approach

The SiJet cartridge separates the liquid containing dispensing element from the mechanical actuator. The liquid is never in touch with the actuator, thus cross contamination or complex cleaning of the unit are needless! Maintenance of a cartridge is fast and very simple. No teaching protocols has to be applied.

Robust pico dispenser for a wide range of liquids

Small volumes ... still robust!

The direct volume displacement principle makes the SiJet PicoDispenser capable of handling a wide range of different kind of liquids. Its sweet spot is handling of buffers, aqueous solutions and cell dispersions.