OEM components for low volume dispensing applications

All BioFluidix dispensing components are available for OEM integration to set up customized production lines for high throughput production. Our system AddOns implement improved performance and long term stability for production purposes.

Single channel dispensers

SiJet | PipeJet® | ValveJet

Our dispensing technologies for the picoliter, nanoliter as well as the microliter range are available as single channel components. The components can be integrated in any existing or new device. In combination with our control unit, the dispensing channels implement a reliable, robust and very precise dispensing application.

OEM integration

We support you to integrate our components into your specific production lines or automation units to implement your needs.

All our components - dispensers [pl | nl | µl] and control units, SmatDrop calibration systems, SmartReservoirs, etc. - can be integrated into any kind of production lines. We develop specific gantry solutions, small space automation units or specifically aligned printheads, with respect to your specifications. If your process requires customized integration - please get in touch!

Control ElectroniX 200

The heart for every dispensing platform supports all dispensing technologies to address a dynamic volume range from picoliters to microliters.

BioFluidix developed a control unit for all requirements. Combine any dispensing technology available in our product portfolio and achieve a precise dispensing from picoliter, nanoliter to microliter droplet volumes. The control unit handles up to 12 channels and allows for a seamless integration into a production line, supports serial communication and Dynamik Link Library (DLL).


Longterm stability for high throughput application

The PipeJet technology is a non-pressurized, passive dispensing system in general - which is based on capillary refill. Standard applications are limited in their reservoir volume, to cope with the given requirement. However, high throughput applications required an increased media storage, such as large reservoirs. The SmartReservoir allows for the combination of high reservoir volumes and improved stability by compensating any pressure variation in the fluidic channel!