BioSpot - Automated liquid handling instrument
Low volume liquid handling for life sciences, diagnostic and pharma industries

BioSpot® Custom

The innovative liquid handling automation platform for an accurate and precise droplet delivery at the highest level. The BioSpot® Custom is emerged to provide the best solution to implement your application. Choose the required products from the BioFluidix product portfolio and combine them to a fully automated workstation. Find the optimum! This compact liquid handling bench top solution for the picoliter, nanoliter and microliter range featuring an open deck architecture for full flexibility, high dispensing performance, superb process control or even as the OEM piece for your automated workflow.

Ultra-low volume liquid handling

in the picoliter, nanoliter and low microliter range

The modular architecture of this automation platform allows for single and multichannel pipetting within a broad volume range. Select the type and amount of dispensing units to transform your application to reality.

Choose your configuration

Customize the instrument to your needs by selecting your desired type and number of dispensing units.

The BioSpot® Custom can be equipped with all BioFluidix dispensing technologies to perfectly fit your application. Realize reproducible dispensing tasks and easily automate your dispensing process. Combine small volume reagent delivery ( pl | nl) with higher volume back fill (µl) applications!

SmartDrop System

Automated single droplet volume calibration under real process conditions!

Calibrate all dispensing channels to your desired single droplet volume right before dispensing to consider the actual liquid type and the current environment conditions for best dispensing performance.

TopView Camera

Camera based dispenser alignment and convenient process control. All at once.

Always keep an eye on your substrate and store the generated pictures on the BioSpot® or your network for further image processing or quality assurance. The dispense on target function offers a simple droplet deposition on the selected target area by the user. For minimal user intervention, the TopView camera in combination with an intelligent software tool automatically detects substrates and starts the dispensing process.

Spotting Map

Printing patterns easily defined by simply clicking on selected positions of your substrate. The Live-View mode allows precise selection directly via the screen.

Full touch control

Switch easily between your predefined processes.

The touchscreen at the front panel of the BioSpot® supports a quick accsses to key commands for for easy handling and rapid switching between your dispensing tasks without any peripherals.

Open architecture

Increase productivity and enhance walk away times

The open architecture of a BioSpot® allows for an integration of the device into an fully automated workflow including a robotic arm to load an unload the deck with target plates.

Washing station

Cross-contamination free media exchange?

The integrated washing station allows for a fully automated workflow - including the automated exchange of a liquid sample. An external multichannel pump device feeds the media specific cleaning solution to the integrated washing station. By immersing the dispenser nozzles into the stream of fresh wash solution and applying specific aspirate and dispense cycles, all remaining sample is washed from the easy to clean circular shape of the nozzles.

Technical Information
Dispensing technology non-contact, piezo-actuated (pl - SiJet)
  non-contact, piezo-actuated (nl - PipeJet)
  non-contact, pressure/ time driven (µl - electromagnetic valve)
Max no. of channels (piezo) 8
Max no. of channels (e-valve) 4
Pitch 9 mm
Single droplet volume 50 - 250 pL (SiJet)
  2 - 70 nL (PipeJet)
  from 1µl (ValveJet)
Precision < 3%, typically < 1%
Deck capacity 2 x 3 MTP (or other substrate formats)
Axis system XYZ spindle drive
Resolution (step size) 10 µm
SmartDrop System optional
TopView Camera optional
De-ionizer optional
Aspiration optional
Wash station optional
Touchscreen included
PC built-in
Interface USB / Ethernet / HDMI
Footprint (LxWxH in mm) 649 x 580 x 461
Weight 49 kg
Supply Voltage/max. power 110 VAC (-15%) to 240 VAC (+10%) / 700 W
BioSpot - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of dispensing technology is used?

The SiJet and PipeJet dispensers are based on a piezo actuated non-contact, drop-on-demand technology enabling the generation of uniform picoliter and nanoliter droplets by direct volume displacement.
The µl valves are 3rd party valves and pressure/ time controlled dispensing systems in most cases.

What is the maximum number of dispensing channels?

12 dispensing channels. The BioSpot Custom can be equipped with up to 8 (SiJet/ PipeJet) + max. 4 (µl valves). Other configurations, i. e. 12 PipeJet channels require the BioSpot X-series.

What kind of liquids can be dispensed?

The droplet dispenser can dispense a wide range of liquids including buffers & detergents, DMSO, ethanol, methanol, beads, living cells, oils, and more.

I have a custom diagnostic chip design. How is the chip secured on the workdeck?

Several deck layouts are available to secure standard substrates, such as microtiter plates or glass slides.
BioFluidix offers custom deck layouts specificly designed to precisely fit the dimension of your diagostic chip or cartridge.