Assay Development & Miniaturization

Efficient assay development is increasingly important to ensure productivity of the drug discovery process. Automation, miniaturization and statistical approaches are powerful tools to streamline and speed up development of multiple robust and high-quality assays required for each screening campaign. BioFluidix liquid handling platforms support this approach by providing a dynamic volume range, on-board volume calibration and highly flexible dispense patterns.

Flexible assay design

Dispense complex assay layouts with varying amounts of reagents into high-density microplates.

Be able to dispense picoliter or nanoliter droplets without any cross contamination by non-contact, piezo-based dispensing technologies. Create complex assay layouts and dispense any liquid type at any position in any well with a dynamic droplet volume.

  • dynamic volume range: 50 - 250 pl or 2 - 70 nl
  • Non-contact dispensing, piezo-actuated
  • Minimal dead volume
  • Prozess all plate formats or any other substrates

On-board calibration tool

Individually calibrate all dispensing channels to a specific target volume.

Reach the highest level in accuracy and calibrate every dispensing channel to a target volume. The SMARTDROP® System captures single droplets in flight and uses an intelligent image analyzing algorithm to adjust the droplet volume for lowest CVs.

  • Independent of liquid classes due to on-board calibration
  • Strong standardization

Smooth method transfer

Store your methods in a cloud or transfer it directly to other BIOSPOT® Workstations for a subsequent switch from developmental to validation phase and high throughput screening.

The BIOSPOT® software has an automated coordinate compensation allowing a quick an easy method transfer between different devices. Together with the SMARTDROP® System, no time-consuming evaluation step in between each stage is needed.