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Made in the Black Forest

Automation for miniaturized Liquid Handling

BioFluidix is a well established microfluidic technology company settled in the heart of Black Forest Gemany, focusing on ultra-low volume liquid handling automation, as well as application-orientated research and development.

We design and develop advanced liquid handling technologies, which lighten your workload and enables you to achieve top results in your projects. Our patented dispensing technologies as well as the manufacturing and customization of automated liquid handling workstations help our customers all over the world to implement all kind of applications in industry, life science and diagnostic field.


Easy integration

compatability by simple communication options

High accuracy

Precision and trueness

Simple calibration

automated calibration of liquid volume

Improved efficiency

Save precious time & money

BioFluidix short and to the point

  • started in 2005 as a spin-off company from Hahn-Schickard and the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) in Freiburg
  • strong experience gained through years of intensive research
  • outstanding development of non-contact dispensing technologies for the pico- and nanoliter range
  • competent services and solutions for optical sensors and camera systems to detect free flying single droplets for process control and automated volume calibration

Management and responsibilty

Always! Individually! Innovative!

As a young, innovative company, we are committed to the constant development and improvement of our products and services in order to fully meet the expectations of our customers.

Customer orientated


Quality awareness

Open communication

For us, responsible behavior, open communication, reliability, quality awareness and customer orientation are the most important values ​​for our work. We respond individually to the different needs of our customers and use all our specialist knowledge and personal commitment to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Our Mission

We are continuously expanding our position as a leading partner for customized solutions in the liquid handling area with creative, individually adapted solutions for minimum dosing amounts and maximum performance.


Liquid handling expertise

Customized solutions

Our mission is to introduce a new era of miniaturized dosing technology through unique, high-quality, easy-to-use and intuitive products, in which our technologies and products are an integral part of the miniaturized and automated laboratory of the future.

Due to the flexibility of our company and our employees, we can react significantly to the constant change in the market and respond to the new requirements of our customers. Our future-oriented technologies enable us to keep up with the competition in the still new market for micro metering systems, and to implement newly created applications that can be realized through miniaturization.

Our Values

Our relationship with customers, suppliers and employees is geared towards sustainability and a trusting, partnership-based approach.

Customer relationship


Transparency inside and outside is a matter of course for us. Our aim is to create real values ​​and long-term business relationships in order to secure the future of our employees, our customers and the company, and to protect the environment and natural resources.

Lab Automation Network - LAN

The lab automation network unites technologically leading solution providers for your lab automation project, with the best technologies in their specific area, top-quality solutions, and a strong customer orientation. We are proud to be a member of this strong and focussed network.

microTEC Südwest

The cluster in Southwest Germany unites more than 350 companies, institutions, universities, and research facilities with more than 1,200 scientists. microTEC Südwest is thus one of the largest technology networks in Europe.

BioValley Deutschland, e.V.

BioValley is a network of Biotech- and Life-Science companies with unique tri-national partnering opportunities for German, Swiss and French companies.

IMTEK - Department of microsystems engineering

The professorship for application development at the Institute for Microsystem Technology at the University of Freiburg is developing new tools for the life science sector enabling faster diagnostics and more efficient therapies.

Hahn Schickard

The research and development service provider develops state-of-the-art analysis systems for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmacy in close cooperation with the University of Freiburg and industry partners.