BioFluidix open house day on Dec. 18

2015 is a year with many milestones for BioFluidix. We want to take this as a chance to welcome you at our site.

On December 18th our doors will be open starting from 1pm -5 pm. During this time you can get insights to our offices and production area.

BioFluidix has constantly developed and grown during the past decade since the company was founded 10 years ago. Not least because of our great partners! We want to thank our suppliers, project partners and customers. You have been major contributors to the success of BioFluidix.

2015 also was a year of change. After almost 10 years of being located at the IMTEK campus of the University of Freiburg, we have moved to the BioTech Park Freiburg, which provides BioFluidix with enough space to handle all the new opportunities. Another change took place at the management level of BioFluidix. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ernst became CEO, working together with founder and CEO Dr. Peter Koltay.

BioTech Park Freiburg is the new site of BioFluidix since September 2015.

Besides these changes we also celebrated great successes in 2015. One of them was the spin-off of the cytena GmbH, BioFluidix is participating at. Cytena on their end won several business awards and managed to acquire a seed funding of 1.1 million €. Congratulations!

BioFluidix itself has won the STEP-Award in the category processes, which is being initiated by Frankfurt Business Media GmbH and Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG.

We want to take this opportunity to raise our glasses with you on December 18th! We’re looking forward to welcome you at the Engesserstr. 4a in Freiburg.

Your BioFluidix team


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