BioFluidix has moved

For the first ten years in BioFluidix history, the company was located at the IMTEK campus of the University of Freiburg, where it initially spun off. Whilst the IMTEK has been a great environment for scientific research and product development, BioFluidix had to move from this unique incubator into larger facilities.

The new location for BioFluidix’ offices and production is the BIOTECH Park Freiburg, which also provides a unique and interesting environment with innovative companies in close proximity.

BioTechPark Freiburg
Source: BioTechPark Freiburg ©Technologiestiftung BioMed Freiburg

Please find our new address below:

BioFluidix GmbH
Engesserstr. 4a
79108 Freiburg

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