BioFluidix announces official start of SimPhoNy project

Official start of SimPhoNy project

BioFluidix is proud to announce the official SimPhoNy project start!

The SimPhoNy project coordinated by Fraunhofer IWM has been started on 1.01.2014. The objective of the project is to develop a seamless multi-scale simulation environment to model micro- and nanofluidic systems with dimensions from nanometres to millimetres taking into account effects occurring on the nano-, meso- and micro-scale simultaneously. To reach this ambitious goal Fraunhofer has gathered a group of European software specialists to contribute to an open source software platform.  This software will be validated on real micro- and nanofluidic test cases. Therefore, application oriented benchmarks will be conducted comparing experiments and simulations within the project.

BioFluidix is participating as validation partner and end-user for the software, by providing experimental measurement data and its TopSpot® microarray spotting technology to the project. The long term objective of BioFluidix is to strengthen the unique competence of the company in the field of printing and coating by cutting-edge simulation technologies to better predict film formation and distribution of molecules, nano particles and solids after drying. The novel software will help to increase process development efficiency for customer specific coatings significantly in the future.

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