MOKAS project


Title Development of a modular calibration system for pipetting-workstations (MOKAS)
Start 01.10.2015
Duration/Status 24 months / ongoing project
Budget 246.000 EUR
Website n/a
Andreas Madjarov,
Project description

The MOKAS project aims to develop an eight channel camera system to calibrate pipetting systems using an optical feature recognition algorithm.

The footprint of the final calibration system is going to be size of a standard SBS-well plate. Further, the system will work autonomously as it is battery driven and will feature WiFi-communication. Thus, the calibration system can easily be integrated into existing pipetting workstations or dosage systems.

BioFluidix tasks


BioFluidix is solely responsible for achieving the above mentioned results and for the realization of the project.



ZIM-Program of German BMWI (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs)


Research Partners
BioFluidix GmbH, Germany
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