Being a young and high-technology company we are dedicated to continuous research, development and innovation in order to exceed our customers’ expectations in every aspect. Continuous improvement of our products and discovery of new applications for our technologies are key drivers for our research. In order to reach these objectives, we are actively participating in publicly funded research projects. For more information about the individual projects, please click on the links below.


Development of a modular calibration system for pipetting-workstations (MOKAS)

The goal of the MOKAS project  is to develop an eight-channel optical volume calibration for pipetting workstations.


Simulation framework for multi-scale phenomena in micro- and nanosystems (SimPhoNy)

The SimPhoNy project aims to develop an easy-to-use integrated multiscale modelling environment for in Silico discovery and design of nano-enabled systems and materials.


Single Cell Technologies for SMEs (SICTEC)

This project is focused on development of technologies for separation and manipulation of single biological cells for life science research and medical applications.


E-Dosis - Einweg Dosiersystem mit intelligenter Sensorik

The project aims to develop a disposable sensor controlled dosing system which can dispense fluids independent oh the rheological properties. BioFluidix is contributing the electronics for the flow sensor and the dispensing valve to this project.



KombiFun - Entwicklung eines Ressourcenschonenden Kombinationsverfahrens zur Herstellung ortsselektiver elektronischer Funktionsschichten

Aim of the project is the development of a combined printing and laser sintering process to selectively fabricate conductive or isolating functional layers on target substrates.



PASCA - Platform for Advanced Single Cell Manipulation and Analysis

The central theme of the project is the printing of single biological cells confined in micro-droplets of only one tenth of a millimetre in diameter. The mid-term objective is to establish a platform for the manipulation, culture, and analysis of individual biological cells without loss of viability.


tl_files/images/research/project_pipejettip/PipeJetTip_1.pngPipeJetTip - Pipetting technology for the next generation of diagnostics products

The project aims to develop a disposable pipette tip and a unique, innovative dispensing technologytl_files/images/global/pfeil.png.

tl_files/images/research/project_micromasterprinter/MMP _1.pngMMP - Micro Master Printer

The aim of the MMP project is the development of a rapid prototyping technology to produce porous micro masters in an additive process, based on direct printing of liquid metal.tl_files/images/global/pfeil.png

tl_files/images/research/project_funlas/FunLas_3.pngFunLas - Functionalization of thin, nanoparticle-based layers on susceptible steel surfaces via brilliant diode laser radiation

The project "FunLas" aimed for the development of a cost- and resource efficient, laser-based method to fabricate mechanically robust wear protective coatings for the application on components experiencing high stress, e.g. motor or transmission parts.




AUTOCAST - Automated Cancer Screening based on real-time PCR

In this project, a novel low cost automated real "point of care" diagnostic device is developed for both clinical and laboratory use. The technology is based on a microfluidic disposable cartridge enabling real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and detection.



tl_files/images/research/project_microactive/MicroActive_transparent.pngMicroActive - Automatic Detection of Disease Related Molecular Cell Activity

The MicroActive project has developed an instrument for molecular diagnostics intended for use in the doctors’ office. The instrument will first be used for patient screening for a group of viruses causing cervical cancer.



InnoNet - Venenklappe

The focus of the project was the development of a percutaneously implantable venous valve prosthesis.