MMP - Result Overview


Title Micro Master Printer (MMP)
Start 01.02.2010
Duration/Status 39 months / project finished
Budget 320 TEUR
Dr. Andreas Ernst,

Project description

The aim of the MMP project is the development of a rapid prototyping technology to produce porous micro masters in an additive process, based on direct printing of liquid metal. The ejection of single liquid metal micro droplets, with sizes in the low micrometer scale (D >= 40 µm), is realized by the application of the so called ‘StarJet’ Technology. A star shaped silicon nozzle allows for the production of single liquid metal droplets driven by a simple pneumatic pulse, which is needless of mechanical interaction between the liquid metal and the print-head.  This technology enables to produce porous, three dimensional metal structures by the agglomeration of single liquid metal droplets, printed at their individual target position.  Beside the production of master structures applied for hot embossing of microfluidic devices, this technology can be applied in a variety of different fields of applications e.g. dental production.

BioFluidix tasks

BioFluidix is contributing in the design of the printhead, the passivation of the silicon nozzles as well as the development of the driving electronics of the printing system, firm- and software. Furthermore the printhead was installed on a BioFluidix iBioSpot platform to realize the 3D printing of the first metal structures.

MMP - printed metal tube

Sponsor ERANET
Research Partners
University of Freiburg, IMTEK; Germany
BioFluidix GmbH, Germany

voxeljet AG, Germany
Rohrer AG, Switzerland
Rohrer AG
Inspire AG, Switzerland
inspire AG

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