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Title Einweg-Dosiersystem mit intelligenter Sensorik (E-Dosis) / Disposable Dispensing System with intelligent sensor technology
Start 01.07.2013
Duration/Status 36 months / ongoing project
Budget 0.99 Mio. EUR
Website will be launched soon
Dr. Andreas Ernst,
Project description The project aims to develop a disposable sensor controlled dosing system which can dispense fluids independent of the rheological properties.  The technology bases on a disposable electromagnetic pressure/time controlled dispensing valve for the sub-µl range which is combined with a flow sensor and a real-time control in order to achieve a high precision and accuracy. For this purpose a disposable capacitive flow sensor will be developed which can measure small flow rates by means of a differential pressure method.
BioFluidix tasks
BioFluidix is contributing the electronics for the flow sensor and the dispensing valve to this project and furthermore assists in the integration of the disposable parts into the periphery and the dosing system.
Research Partners
University of Freiburg, IMTEK, Germany
Braunform GmbH, Germany
Braunform GmbH
BioFluidix GmbH, Germany
Selected publications no publications available