Title Automated Cancer Screening based on real-Time PCR  (AutoCast)
Start 01.08.2008
Duration/Status 42 months / project finished
Budget 4.1 Mio. EUR
Website http://www.genoid.net/autocast/
Dr. Peter Koltay,
e-mail: info@biofluidix.com

Project description

In this project, a novel low cost automated real “point of care” diagnostic device is developed for both clinical and laboratory use. The technology is based on a microfluidic disposable cartridge enabling real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and detection. The disposable cartridge will be processed by a small integrated low cost thermo-cycler and reader system which can perform the diagnostic test automatically. The diagnostic test relies on a panel of biomarkers, which are detected on a microarray to allow for multi parameter analysis. The detection is based on the most sensitive TIRF method (TIRF = total internal reflection fluorescence). By this, the sensitivity and specificity of the detection can be improved and quantitative results can be achieved.


BioFluidix tasks BioFluidix is contributing to this project through its TopSpot® and PipeJet® printing technologies and expertise in microfluidic system design. 
European Commission:
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Research Partners
GenoID Ltd. (Coordinator), Hungary
Jenoptik Polymer Systems GmbH, Germany
Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques, Germany
Austrian Research Centers GmbH, Austria
BioFluidix GmbH, Germany
IMTEK- University of Freiburg, Germany
Trinity College, Dublin and TheCoombe Women’s Hospital, Irland

Selected publications
Adhesive bonding of microfluidic chips: influence of process parameters
Lutz Riegger, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2010

Histology of cervical intraephihelial neoplasia and the role of biomarkers
Cara M. Martin, Best practise and research, Clinical obstretrics & gynaecology, 05/2011, 605-615