Title InnoNet Venenklappe
Start 01.10.2007
Duration/Status 36 months / project finished
Budget 802  TEUR
Website http://www.vdivde-it.de/innonet/projekte/pz/in_pp201_venenklappe.pdf
Dr. Wolfgang Streule,
e-mail: info@biofluidix.com

Project description

The focus of the project was the development of a percutaneously implantable venous valve prosthesis. The department "Orthopaedics and motion systems" of FhG-IPA in collaboration with industry partners and the RWTH Aachen developed a novel 3D printing technology to produce vein valve prosthese models from PCU. These valves are only a few millimeters in size and can be used to replace the damaged vein valves own.

BioFluidix tasks
BioFluidix contributed the dispensing technology to dispense nl-amounts of PCU dissolved in aggressive solvents like DMA.
Research Partners


Selected publications
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