TopSpot Workstation


Contact free, highly parallel microarray spotter

TopSpot® microarray printers

BioFluidix delivers highly flexible and versatile microarray printers. The TopSpot® technology is used for labscale applications as a benchtop machine like the TopSpot® D and also finds its applications in production lines with the TopSpot® OEM module.

In the field of microarray and biosensor manufacturing, the TopSpot®-technology enables highly reliable, robust and fast-printing of droplets in the nanoliter range.

Key element of the TopSpot®-technology is the printhead which contains 24 reservoirs for the sample fluids. All sample fluids are printed parallel and contactless to the substrate by a piezo actuated print mechanism. Once loaded, several thousand prints can be made without refill.


Product line:
With this portfolio, our customers can be supported from the first tests (small lab scale) up to high throughput productions (OEM).

Your benefits
  • Low dead volume
  • High print quality
  • High print reproducibility
  • Array integrity
  • Easy handling
  • Wide range of print samples
  • Inbuilt process control
  • Ideal for decentralized use

TopSpot Workstation

TopSpot® D workstation

  • Multi-slide microarray printer for highest printing quality
  • Inbuilt process control
  • Ideal for research and decentralized laboratories
  • Throughput of 1000 slides/h



TopSpot® OEM module

  • Microarray printing module for high throughput production
  • Suited for system integration
  • Easy integration into existing production lines



TopSpot® Printhead 24-channel

  • Prints 24 spots at a time
  • Highly parallel microarray printing
  • Very low dead-volumes



TopSpot® Printhead 96-channel

  • Prints 96 spots at a time
  • Highly parallel microarray printing
  • Very low dead-volumes


tl_files/images/products/Products_TS_technology_single.pngTopSpot® technology

  • Non-contact printing technology
  • Highly parallel probe spotting
  • Fast and reliable operation