TopSpot® Technology

especially designed for the production of microarrays and biochips in a non-contact operation



It enables the massive parallel dosage of biological or chemical reagents in the nanoliter range.

Key element of the TopSpot®-technology is the printhead which can be loaded with 24 different media. All liquids are printed to a substrate simultaneously by a micro nozzle array contained in the printhead. The microarray is then formed by the individual droplets on the slide having a pitch of about 500 µm. For each droplet only about one nanoliter liquid is consumed. Therefore, a printhead can create several thousand microarrays with one filling.

In order to print samples a pressure is applied to the liquid filled nozzles. A piezo stack actuator presses a piston into the so called actuation chamber of the printhead. When the piston drives down into the actuation chamber, it creates a homogenous pressure pulse that simultaneously affects all nozzles. If the pressure is high enough, it overcomes the capillary forces of the channels and the surface tension of the fluids in the nozzle and accordingly leads to a droplet break-off.