Process control

BioFluidix’ TopSpot® product line includes an optical online process control consisting of two separate and easy to use functions:



During the printing process the SpotCheck camera provides pictures of each printed array. So, the performance of the TopSpot microarray printer can be observed at any time.

For optimization of the printing buffers and evaporation conditions the spots can be observed until completely vanished. Pictures can be stored from every print to document the production process and to ensure 100 % quality.


tl_files/images/products/Products_TS_DropCheck.pngThe DropCheck function is simplifies the setup of the dispensing parameters and makes the handling more convenient for our customers.

Before starting a printing process, the print parameters can be checked and optimized using the DropCheck-camera. Especially when new liquids have to be spotted, the DropCheck function supports fast setup times.