PipeJet® Technology

it's not a valve it's a PipeJet


The patented PipeJet® technology is based on a piezo driven direct displacement of the liquid in a polymer pipe with a definite inner diameter. This principle can be distinguished from common piezo dispensers by two unique properties: First, the pipe guiding the liquid consist of a low cost, flexible polymer tube instead of a steel or glass capillary. This pipe is not firmly attached to the actuator and can be disassembled easily. Therefore, contaminated dispensing pipes can easily be exchanged and replaced at low costs, while the valuable piezo actuator can be re-used indefinitely in principle. Second the used piezo actuator is a stack actuator which can create hundred times higher forces and displacements than the commonly used ring or beam actuators. It can displace the pipe hundred times stronger and has enough power surplus to cope even with difficult media safely.

The volume dispensed by the PipeJet® method can be controlled by the amplitude of the piezo actuator. It is independent of the liquid's properties like viscosity or surface tension in a wide range. Due to the simple fluidic geometry of the tube also particle laden fluids like for example pigmented colors, bead or cell suspensions can be dispensed without problems. Clogging is never an issue!