2015 Version of BioSpot BT 600

BioSpot® workstation

More flexibility, easy handling and reliable results for your nanoliter dispensing.


The innovative BioSpot® workstation introduces unmatched advantages and several options for customization. The PipeJet® non-contact dispensing technology provides unique benefits like highest precision, easy handling as well as robust materials and performance. 

BioSpot key facts:

  • Automated volume calibration
  • Designed to your specific needs
  • Works in the nanoliter and microliter range
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Move and dispense function for drawing lines
  • Ideal for decentralized use

The BioSpot® workstation offers a flexible stand-alone solution for multiple liquid handling tasks in the nanoliter range:

Life Science
  • Printing of Lateral Flow Assays
  • Printing of microarrays
  • Filling of microfluidic chips
  • Miniaturization of assays
  • Coating of medical products
  • Printing of adhesives
  • Flux dispensing
  • Surface optimization
Your benefits
  • Non-contact droplet generation
  • Drop-On-Demand mode
  • Disposable dispensing pipes
  • Low dead volumes
  • Precise performance
  • USP class VI compliant

BioSpot® Customization Options

Automated Volume CalibrationAutomated Volume Calibration

Volume range: 2 - 1000 nl
1280 x 1024 pixel | 5µm / pixel
Repeatability of measurement:
< 0.1 % - 1%


tl_files/images/products/Products_PJ_DropSens.pngOptical droplet sensor

  • Online monitoring of dispensing process & droplet counting 
  • Detection of nanoliter droplets in flight 
  • Delivers “finger print” signal of the droplet (qualitative information about volume, shape and velocity) 

tl_files/images/r-d-services/rdservice_strobo.pngStroboscopic camera

  • Monitoring the quality of your printing performance 
  • Software to archive the acquired pictures 
  • Up to 30 fps


tl_files/images/r-d-services/rdservice_topview.pngTopView camera

  • Dispense on optically predefined targets
  • Optically defined starting point for your dispensing process



Further the opportunity to integrate multiple accessories like valves, syringe pumps for aspirate and dispense and Pressure-Controlled-Reservoirs for highest accuracy make the BioSpot® an outstanding liquid handling system on the market.

For detailed information on the BioSpot® workstation please contact your BioFluidix-Team.