Smart Drop System

Intelligent dispenser calibration based on droplet imaging!

Stroboscopic Camera System

The PipeJet® and SiJet technology enables the contact-free dosage of small amounts of liquids in the range from a few picoliters up to hundreds of nanoliters. A new level of user-friendliness for the PipeJet® and SiJet technology is provided with the stroboscopic camera system as it enables the user to automatically calibrate the dispensing module to its single droplet target volume.
By this it is no longer required to manually adjust dispensing parameters, which saves time in the setup process and gives additional safety for each application that requires accurate volume dispensing.

Key benefits:

  • Automated volume calibration to save your precious time
  • Volume calibration per dispensing channel in less than 60 sec.
  • Highest reproducibility based on verified single droplet volume
  • Small footprint


Automated volume calibration and measurement

BioFluidix has benchmarked its stroboscopic volume measurement technology against several established volumetric measurement techniques, such as the gravimetrical measurement of droplet mass to ensure that the stroboscopic system works with highest accuracy.
The BioFluidix software provides a closed loop control that automatically adjusts the dispensing parameters of the PipeJet® module, based on the stroboscopic images until the pre-defined target volume is reached. This auto-calibration process can be run before each dispensing routine and therefore highly reproducible dispensing results can be achieved.

Specifications of the Automated Volume Calibration System

Camera resolution
1280 x 1024 pixel | 5µm per pixel
Stroboscopic frequency min. 1 Hz (depending on PC configuration and ROI)
Volume range
2 - 1000 nl
Repeatability of measurement
< 0.1 % - 1 %
Power supply
24 V, 300 mA
Interfaces BioFluidix Control Electronics | 1 x LED Power | 1 x Trigger (5 - 24 V) | USB 3.0